Album: 2016-02 Stuck-in-Mud

     Album:2016-02 Stuck in Mud

Went to a retreat with some friends up in the mountains.

It rained like heck, and we discovered that the driveway was not built to any sort of code, it was a light layer of gravel on top of many feet of clay.

Our bus sunk to it's axles, and we had to get professional help to pull it out.

It was an adventure, but nothing like getting stuck out in the desert.

[Video, 83.1M]
Hooked up to the monster tow truck
( comments)
Starting the pull
[Video, 244.3M] ( comments)
Starting the pull,
the bus tag goes airborne! ( comments)
Getting it up to higher ground,
first attempt to pull out. [Video, 262.9M] ( comments)
The pit we left behind
that we had to manually refill with dirt and gravel. ( comments)
The pit, filling it back up
(and the logs we tried putting under the tires to get traction ( comments)
Pulling from the front
while I spin the wheels looking for traction. [Video, 57.7M] ( comments)
Pulled out.
Look at the mud on the front tire, showing how low the bus sunk. ( comments)
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