Album: 2017-11-05 Bus-Theft

     Album:2017-11-05 Bus Theft

Someone didn't just breakin to the bus this time, they actually stole it. We recovered it, through a very intense story, which you can read here
To Catch A Bus Thief
on video, after the cops finally show. [Video, 98.8M] ( comments)
Showing all the damage
[Video, 64M] ( comments)
Pieces of the bus,
from the exterior (such as reflectors), that they just broke off and took inside. ( comments)
We found this wallet
from a very unusual attorney inside. Also stolen or part of the crime? ( comments)
Door damage,
again. ( comments)
Amazingly, we drive around
the neighborhood and manage to find the Grim Reaper costume that I built and have worn on Halloween, such as our recent trip to West Hollywood Halloween ( comments)
The Grim Reaper
costume that I built, shown at a Halloween party ( comments)
( comments)
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