Album: The Interior

     Album:The Interior

Interior of the bus

I don't mind living in a 'garage' so the interior is the least of my concerns, after just about everything else in the infrastructure I need to build.

For a walk-thru of a reasonably current state of the bus, you should check out the Tour

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Driver's side
of the bus, after removing most of the vent channel covers. ( comments)
Some of the 'treasure'
I found in the vents on the driver's side. ( comments)
Passenger side,
showing the murphy bed folded up. ( comments)
CinemaDave is resurrected,
I mount my projector screen on the wall off of a hinge. ( comments)
..and bring in
my Sony 3-beam massive projectors - I have a mini-projector on it's way. ( comments)
The projector swung out..
( comments)
..and down
( comments)
I get two strong
'briefcase hinges' to put on the roof hatch ( comments)
..So it will hold open
for ease of climbing in and out. ( comments)
I build a custom closet
that stacks my shirts two high. ( comments)
I finally replace the metal closet
next to it by building a matching dresser. ( comments)
It holds my clothes
as well as my media center. ( comments)
And I begin moving
the kitchen to it's permanent location in the back. ( comments)
My computer desk,
with LED monitor, laptop above, Datahand keyboard below.. ( comments)
..the computer desk folded up
for travel/protection/storage ( comments)
Sketch of the bathroom sliding door
that I need to get some photos of ( comments)
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