Dave's Bus Conversion

Current Status

Here's the current status of my conversion.

My contract work and other projects cut in and out of my time, so who knows when this will be done..

As more of the bus is complete, I'll put more info here. You can also see any construction photos in the album and you can follow details about the conversion in my blog.

Veggie Fuel 99% 2005/11/12: Most parts arrive, some still missing. Assembling.
2006/05/10: All done except: hoses in engine compartment, dashboard gauges/switches
2006/05/30: Dashboard done (except relay).
2006/08/??: Plumbing/electrical complete. One coolant leg isn't flowing, and still need to do air.
2006/10/22: WVO done and tested!
- Replaced copper heat coil with aluminum in one tank
- Still need to improve system (heat flow, aluminum coil, centrifugal filter...)
Electrical 95% 2005/08/18: Setback because of being ripped off on a genset sale.
Solar panels are being temporarily shelved for $$ reasons.
2006/08/20: Genset from Wrico mostly installed, still need to finish sound installation.
2006/08/27: Battery bank and inverter wired up directly to a loose breaker panel in bus.
- Doghouse complete
- Setback: Batteries are failing too early!
2011/11/09: 1kW of solar!
2012/03/10: New battery bank!
Plumbing 90% Originally looking into building a composting toilet. (shelved)
Need to setup water heater (propane?)
2005/08/18: 100Gal fresh water tank for testing.
2006/08/27: Pump (5gpm, variable speed) installed, water is flowing!
- Toilet (incinerating) and shower are up!
Heat 10% Using electrical heat, which is inefficient/expensive
Diesel furnace arrived, starting to setup.
A/C 75% A/C units and Fan-tastic Vents are installed, back one should be moved at some point. Need to hookup (three-stage!) thermostat.
Interior - This is the least of my concerns :)

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