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     Album:2015-04 Breakin:Breakin Photos

2015/05/03: Photos taken by Cid when he checked in on and tried to move my bus for me

Some photos also taken when we returned from our trip

Looking through the ..e for the first time
(when we get back in July) [Video] ( comments)
Desk and tech cupboard torn apart
(fortunately he ignored the irreplaceable keyboard) [photo 5/3 Cid] ( comments)
The interior of the bus
[photo 5/3 Cid] ( comments)
Looking back at the kitchen
[photo 5/3 Cid] ( comments)
Everything on the floor
[photo 5/3 Cid] ( comments)
No need to open
a finger latch, just rip the doors open. [photo 7/30] ( comments)
Monitor wall mount,
where the VESA mount was broken off [photo 7/30] ( comments)
Cabinet door ripped
off the hinges [photo 7/30] ( comments)
Assessment of damage
after some cleanup [Video, 100M] ( comments)
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