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I have a stack of plastic bins on the 'seat' in the very back of the bus. They are a perfect fit for this space, but they got quickly disorganized, and it's very difficult to get to the bottom bins since I have to pull all the top ones of.

So I finally organized the stack by building some sturdy shelves. Now I have far more usable 'garage-like' storage space.

The disaster
of plastic bins that I have been dealing with ( comments)
The back, emptied out
( comments)
Water tank
for the old bathroom - I'm tempted to figure out another use for it, but it's not exactly easy access. Would make an interesting makeshift water heater with some insulation and a heating unit/thermostat ( comments)
Framing the right side
( comments)
Framing the left.
( comments)
Beam across the top.
(One of my concerns is a quick stop causing the heavier bins to push forward and pull the shelving unit out of the walls) ( comments)
Right shelfs install..ith some bins setup.
( comments)
The first complete shelf.
( comments)
Shelves and bins installed
( comments)
With restraining straps
(the bottom row is held in by a lip in the bottom, I might replicate that and get rid of the straps completely.) ( comments)
Covered up
( comments)
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