Album: Hardwood-Floors

     Album:The Interior:Hardwood-Floors
I rip out the walkway ramp
and remove the front seats. ( comments)
Entry into the bus,
the front passenger wall also removed (and I think I'm going to keep it removed) ( comments)
I cover the walkway
( comments)
..And clear out the right wall,
and cut 3/4" off the supports for the computer desk ( comments)
The beginnings of the floor!
( comments)
More floor
( comments)
The first dance class on my floor,
a Kizomba class, taught by Rachel Cassandra ( comments)
1/2 way there
( comments)
I finally lift up the bed
so I can continue to move across the floor ( comments)
..Then progress is very steady
( comments)
Almost done,
this is where it starts getting difficult to pound in new pieces ( comments)
Mostly done floor!
(though not quite, I still have the 2 last rows to do, so I can put everything back) ( comments)
Trap door! (I realized too late that if I'd hinged it on the side then I could have had both ends staggered and not have a straight cut like I do at the bottom right now - but it's still pretty hard to notice) ( comments)
Looking into the trap door
(I am going to store my tools here) ( comments)
My hidden tool cache
( comments)
The finished floor!
( comments)
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