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     Album:The Interior:Keypad-Door-Lock

After using a padlock for many years, I finally install a keypad door lock. Nice and flush, allowing easy entry, but with a key backup in emergencies.
I cut away a box
in the inner door ( comments)
And start cutting away
a hole for the deadbolt. It's tough going, that's heavy steel, and the metal blades and drill bits I have aren't lasting. ( comments)
Finally a hole is made.
Interestingly enough I realize later that I didn't need a circle, so be it. ( comments)
Taking off the strike plate
for the door door air locks, I manage to strip one of the bolt heads and have to drill it out. Bummer. ( comments)
I construct a wood fill
to take up the space in the door and to hold everything, then I start to drill out the holes for the lock/deadbolt. ( comments)
My wood "fill"
drilled out. ( comments)
Lining up the deadbolt
( comments)
The deadbolt installed,
I put a latch plate on the outside to hold a little better and look a little cleaner, though I realized I needed a latch plate on the inside as well to keep the deadbolt from rotating (it's adjustable and rotates without the latch plate as a guide) ( comments)
Hole in door!
( comments)
The keypad and deadbolt attached.
( comments)
I start cutting the hole
where I think the deadbolt goes. Turns out I'm a little too far in (better than too far out). The plate on top shows my primitive padlock locking method that I used to use. ( comments)
The inner plate installed
( comments)
Showing the full assembly
( comments)
( comments)
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