Dave's Bus Conversion

Design / FloorPlan

Most bus conversions and RVs are designed as an attempt to fit all the comforts of home in a long rectangle.

I'd rather have space then stuff so I'm going to have a mostly open layout, after giving away most of the junk I own.

Having said that, here's my somewhat unconventional 'open bus' layout:


Bus Floorplan
Figure 1.2a: Top View
To note:


Cargo Bay Layout
Figure 1.2b: Cargo Bay Layout
To note:


Roof Layout
Figure 1.2c: Roof Layout

This is what is currently installed on the roof, for helping me plan out what panels to buy and where to put the deck, etc..


Bus Side Layout
Figure 1.2d: Bus Side Layout
To note:

What is not shown:

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