The Lindy Bus Plan

"Man is born free, and everywhere he is in chains"
Jean-Jacques Rousseau

"Somewhere between 'retired' and 'retarded' lies the world
of the independently unwealthy in Dave's Bus"

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For years I've wanted to try out the "unchained" lifestyle of mobile living. On 2005/08/18 I bought a bus and am converting it through 2006 forever.

The Bus:

1986 MCI 102A-3 bus (the silver greyhound from the 80s).

Convert it into a house - but not like a normal RV or tour bus. Instead, take advantage of my building capabilities and have an open floor plan - hardwood floors throughout.

The bus exterior is 40' by 8 1/2'. The interior is almost 300 square feet - about the size of my first San Francisco apartment

STATUS Current status of my conversion
Design The layout of the bus
Infrastructure    My plans for the infrastructure - water, electrical, veggie oil conversion, etc..
Album Here are photos of the bus: electrical, veggie oil conversion
Buying A Bus Tips on buying a bus for RV conversion.
Documentation Documentation on bus topics, such as converting 24V to 12V
MCI Specs Specifications for MCI buses, particularly the 102A-3
Maintenance Blog (which I'll pretend is short for Bus log)
Mike Kadletz My bad experience with con-man Mike Kadletz when I purchased my bus.

The Plan:

The original plan was to follow the Lindy Exchange calendar, but as it turns out the Lindy Exchange world changed drastically enough to make this not worth following. So now the bus is my home base on the West Coast, usually parked at my Compound.

Eventually, if I want to move to Europe, it turns out I can ship the bus in two weeks for about $5k. Wow, that's nothing, compared to packing, shipping my belongings, renting an apartment and finding a car. - Get your Dave today! CONTACT | Site Index
Eric Lake (ericmlake yahoo) said:
> p.s. Has anybody ever thought, "What the he-- have I done after purchasing their first coach?"
Gary McFarland (gearheadgary yahoo) said:
> those of us who haven't are not only busnuts, but completely crazy as well.
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