Album: 2023-04-22 Lithium-Batteries

     Album:Electrical System:2023-04-22 Lithium Batteries

Finally after years of desiring replacement of the crappy DEKA AGM batteries which had continuously failed (I was on my third set), Lithium batteries had become cheap enough to swap out and end up with much more power, much more storage, much more reliability and in much less space.
The old system,
before ripping it out. ( comments)
Inverter pulled,
wiring coming out. ( comments)
Yanking batteries
( comments)
Empty bay!
( comments)
Building a rack holder,
using leftover angle iron from a one-wheeled motorcycle shipment ( comments)
The inverter mounted
on a slightly stronger and thicker wall ( comments)
Rack in place,
on some cushioning to lessen road vibration ( comments)
STrapped down and powered up!
(I still had a few more lines to hook up, including the solar.) ( comments)
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