Album: Electrical System

     Album:Electrical System

The complete electrical system:

10kW Wrico Genset
OLD: 10 DEKA AGM Group 8D batteries
NEW: Two LiPo Rack Batteries (~11kWh total)
12 Solar Panels (85W @)

Battery Bank
2 folders , 13 images
Generator Doghouse
29 images
Solar Panels
14 images
Lithium Batteries

8 images
System layout
(somewhat up-to-date) ( comments)
Right wall outlets
and breaker box, connected to both inverters. The outlets were scavanged from the man burn at BRC'11! ( comments)
The other outlet
pulled out of the man, post-fire, BRC'11 ( comments)
Improper use of breaker:
Wiring a two-breaker switch backwards so I can use it as an input selector (gen/inv2) for a bank of outlets ( comments)
( comments)
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