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I finally installed solar on my roof. Sorry about the quality of the photos, but lots of the work was done at night. I have 12 panels in total to eventually put on my bus, at 85W each that's a KW of juice.
Square bracket mounted on rubber
drilled directly into the roof frame. ( comments)
The first leg
of the deck. ( comments)
Three legs and the first cross beam
( comments)
Side support
(not decking wood, so I'll need to paint or cover it) ( comments)
The first box
( comments)
Added an extra beam
to mount the panel. We attached 4 L brackets on each panel. ( comments)
The second beam.
( comments)
Wiring the panels together
(attempt #1) ( comments)
The first four panels.
( comments)
The controller,
mounted down in the battery/inverter bay. ( comments)
My batteries charging!
( comments)
With almost 3 deck "boxes"
I have room for 6 panels, one more box will give me 10. ( comments)
I finish the back of the deck,
and put up the rest of the panels at Burning Man (though this photo is actually on the beach at San Diego). ( comments)
Repainting the deck wood
( comments)
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