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I recently needed to replace my battery bank and also repair the generator fan which was hiding behind it. So I disconnected everything, pulled out all 1 ton of electronics/batteries, fixed the genset fan, put in a new battery bank and wired everything up in a grueling 13 hours on 2012/03/09
Top inverter connections
( comments)
Bottom inverter connections
( comments)
Inverters disconnected and pulled
( comments)
First row of batteries out
( comments)
Second row out,
back panel removed and genset back wall removed (squirrel fan on left needs repair) ( comments)
Squirrel fan separated
and blower pulled off motor ( comments)
Good fan, bad fan.
The right side fan had sheared off the spindle for no apparent reason. ( comments)
Reassembled fan
( comments)
Genset back wall
( comments)
Ready to load
(with battery back wall covering genset back wall - though it's not actually screwed into anything, the batteries force it into place. ( comments)
Back row of new Gel batteries
( comments)
All 1600 pounds of batteries
installed. ( comments)
What happens if your wrench
touches the opposing battery terminals for a brief moment while installing a 30kWh battery bank. (Wear gloves! :) ( comments)
Batteries installed,
wired up and blocked in. Except for those two damn 2x4 sections lying on the ground, which should be sitting underneath the back row of batteries. Too late now! I don't think they actually hold much weight, considering the batteries sit on their edge. ( comments)
The frame attached..
( comments)
And the inverters mounted
(waiting to be wired up) ( comments)
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