Album: Running the hoses

     Album:Vegetable Oil Conversion:Running the hoses

Running the hose from the cargo bay to the engine bay is far trickier and tenuous than one might hope.
The bundle of hoses
from the oil tanks to the engine compartment: coolant & fuel, supply & return ( comments)
I got Reflectix insulation
(for a hot water heater) and cut it into sections to wrap around the hose bundle ( comments)
Hoses wrapped.
( comments)
I strapped the rear wiring harness
to the hose bundle assembly. The white wire is to run my SVO ground to the back. Screw color coding of wires! (Especially when you have some salvage wire and no choice of color) ( comments)
The hose run through the SVO bay.
( comments)
And through the back bay.
( comments)
Wires and hose hooked up
to the tanks. ( comments)
The hose running thr..the back cargo wall,
looking from the back. ( comments)
The next step was over
the wall that the driveshaft pokes through. ( comments)
(the other side) It ..g too much of a bend
for my tastes, so I cut the hole that you see underneath the hose bundle, and I had to pull all the hose out and run it again. For the third time. Yeesh. ( comments)
The hose finally comfortable,
and a happy Dave looks on. ( comments)
Strapped to the differential supports,
hopefully with enough play so that the hose and straps can move up and down plenty without breaking or kinking. ( comments)
Going through the wall.
( comments)
And strapped to the engine supports.
( comments)
Dave the Coal Miner.
This is what you look like after spending a few hours under a bus. ( comments)
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