Album: Vegetable Oil Conversion

     Album:Vegetable Oil Conversion

This album was created as I did the vegetable oil conversion for my bus.

It's done and it works! I've already travelled a couple thousand miles on WVO.

See the infrastructure page for information on what I would probably do differently.

To see an explanation of the basic system and how it works, check out the Diagrams

The design diagrams.
With explanation of how the system works.
2 images
The Tanks
Building the tanks
21 images
Wiring everything up.
8 images
Installing the tanks
and hose in the cargo bay
16 images
Running the hoses
(and wiring) from cargo bay to engine bay.
15 images
The Engine Bay
All of the engine bay installation
23 images
Oil Collection
What a pain in the ...
6 images
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