Album: Wiring everything up.

     Album:Vegetable Oil Conversion:Wiring everything up.

At some point we need to run all the wire. I actually did this after installing the tanks - it doesn't matter when you do it as long as you make the long wiring harness before running the hose from the cargo bay to the engine bay, since the wires get attached to the hose.
The wiring diagram
(again) ( comments)
Holes and grommets
running power wires to the battery. I ran ground as well instead of using the bus ground so I could choose either of the 12V batteries or a 12V converter. I've got fuses on both sides of the power lines before connecting to the battery. ( comments)
The wiring harness,
the front half of the wires running up through the floor towards the front of the bus (see the Wiring Diagram) ( comments)
And through the electrical panel,
up to.. ( comments)
Up to the driver's compartment.
( comments)
Extra gauges.
I opened the two extra gauge spots and then moved the diesel fuel gauge to the left side and the hour meter to the right. Then I installed the clean and dirty oil gauges next to the diesel fuel. I can get a read on my entire 430 gallon capacity in one glance. In the upper left corner you can see half of the switch that controls the dirty->clean pump. ( comments)
Wiring the gauges
and switches into the dash. You can see the panel I pulled to the left of the dash for the two switches that will control the fuel supply/return solenoids. ( comments)
The completed dash.
The oil temp and pressure are mounted on top, and you can see the solenoid switches mounted now (the dirty->clean pump switch is outside the frame). ( comments)
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